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Thread: Recent flight bans

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    Default Re: Recent flight bans

    Nathaniel - just to let you know I have just flown to Spain with no problem despite carrying the M5 with battery in it, 2 spare M5 batteries, 4 AAA rechargeables, a rechargeable power pack and a rechargeable torch! You should be fine.
    John Liddle

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    Default Re: Recent flight bans

    Thanks guys for all your positive feedbacks. I am hoping to travel, after a routine medical test in early July! Fingers crossed.
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    Default Re: Recent flight bans

    Here you are... your guide to getting onboard with all your photo equipment: https://digital-photography-school.c...gear-airports/

    It seems to me you are more likely to be arrested, or quite possibly shot, if you go near an airport in a jacket like this...
    Richard Anderson Photography at

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    Default Re: Recent flight bans

    I travel to Kenya quite frequently always by Kenya Airways and have not experienced any problems with photographic or video equipment.
    The only problem was at Heathrow when they made me un-pack every single item so they could swab them, right down to removing the filter from the video lens.
    To add a little amusement to this sad tale. When I came back and my equipment was searched at Kenya's International Airport, I had some sound equipment in a flight bag. The chap searching the bag put his hand in and there was a look of horror on his face as he quickly withdrew his hand, demanding I tip the lot out -- he had grabbed hold of the 'Dead Cat' (wind shield)on one of the mic's. Thought I was trying to smuggle an animal out of the country.

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