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Thread: AF - What did I change?

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    Default AF - What did I change?


    Using my 5Dm3 at a gig last night I found that the joystick controller would not move the AF point selection - I could get around it by press the AF selector first but I never use to do this before. Any idea's what I changed 'cus I'm now lost!

    I'm in M mode, 24-70mm f2.8 lens, all AF methods selected and no the lock it's engaged!

    Any ideas? I did a reset as well but that didn't help!

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    Default Re: AF - What did I change?

    Try page 46-47?

    You aren't using a 2x or anything silly on it?
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    Default Re: AF - What did I change?

    Well it turns out the move focus point feature had been removed from the stick. I'm not sure why - it was assigned to the stick by default - or so I thought!

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    Default Re: AF - What did I change?

    The default setting is off

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