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Thread: in camera cropping, e.g. 5DS R

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    Default in camera cropping, e.g. 5DS R

    I thought I understood the cropping effect and apparent impact of smaller sensors with, for instance, a crop factor of 1.6. However I have just purchased a 5DS R and cannot understand the difference between cropping at the point of taking the picture, compared to cropping in post production editing. Presumably there is a reason for the in camera cropping, but I don't understand why it is helpful and must be missing something. So a short article explaining this would be helpful. Thank you.

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    Default Re: in camera cropping, e.g. 5DS R

    Must admit I can't see the point of the in-camera cropping function either. With N*kon full frames it does at least mean that their crop frame DX format lenses can be used on the camera in a manner very similar to the way they are on a crop frame but since EF-s lenses don't fit the 1D and 5D models that doesn't work for Canon - although it might with a Sigma or Tamron crop frame lens...

    I suppose it might save a lot of post production work if you know you're going to have to crop a lot of frames though...

    Could definitely worth an article or a paragraph or two at least.

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    Default Re: in camera cropping, e.g. 5DS R

    This may not apply here but a friend recently shot a series of images with his wife's Canon bridge camera with a view to stitch them as a pano. I don't recall what software he used but the result wasn't great mainly because the horizons weren't level so I asked him to send me the RAW files and I'd straighten them for him in LR.

    Here's the relevant bit... I loaded them into LR, went to the 'crop overlay' tool and was surprised to find the images had been cropped in-camera but the unused areas not discarded; it seems the camera had a 16:9 landscape ratio set but it only applied to the displayed image.

    This then begs the question: do in-camera crops with wizzie cameras such as the 5DS R (or any EOS come to that) actually discard the cropped data or just hide it?

    Either way I can't see the point of in-camera cropping either:biggrin:


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    Default Re: in camera cropping, e.g. 5DS R

    I Pm'd him this last week from one of the Canon site blurbs

    read this too

    1.3x and 1.6x Crop Shooting
    For still photography, the EOS 5DS features the flexibility of a cropping feature that extends the shooting effect 1.3x and 1.6x. With 50.6 MP capture, cropped shots are possible with resolution to spare. Images recorded at 1.3x (APS-H) are approximately 30.5 MP (6768 x 4512) Large/Fine JPEG, while images recorded at 1.6x (APS-C) are approximately 19.6 MP (5424 x 3616) Large/Fine JPEG. Particularly useful in extending the range of telephoto lenses, the crop function also improves the subject tracking capability with almost the entire frame covered with AF points. Image cropping can be displayed in the viewfinder either masked or overlaid with an outline showing the cropped area, and in Live View shooting the image is cropped by the effect chosen. Aspect ratios can also be defined, with the EOS 5DS shooting in 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9 ratios, in addition to the default 3:2.
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