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Thread: 100-400 Zoom Friction Lock Ring

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    Default 100-400 Zoom Friction Lock Ring

    Has anyone any experience of getting Canon to replace the friction ring that lines the zoom lock twist on the 100-400 lens? Mine has worn away (temporary replacement with some sellotape around the barrel) and the lens doesn't lock in one position. I am looking to trade my Mk 1 for a Mk 2 and am wondering whether the repair cost will make it worthwhile.


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    Default Re: 100-400 Zoom Friction Lock Ring

    Hi Paul.

    A friend of mine had it done a few years ago and I am sure it didn't cost too much. If you give them, or one of the other approved repairers a ring, they will give you a price over the phone.

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    Default Re: 100-400 Zoom Friction Lock Ring

    Thanks - that was my plan as well.

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    Default Re: 100-400 Zoom Friction Lock Ring

    Paul see

    and the link on the page

    these are Canons prices, so will give you an idea, best bet is to phone one of them at the bottom and ask.

    this might help too, though 2015
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