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Thread: EPSON cropping work around

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    Default EPSON cropping work around

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place as it concerns an Epson printer not Canon, but might not be limited to Epson.
    We have known a long time that printers often crop photos esp. doing borderless prints. Our EPson does not have an adjustable oversize and cropped some important pictures. To get around this without photo software this two stage process might help others:
    1. Import photo into Powerpoint
    2. Click on photo and get the Size and Position command
    3. Size it down by the amount of oversizing noted (use a calculator to determine from the starting size: this will depend on the page size selected (e.g. A4 or letter etc). Keep "keep in proportion" checked as you will only have to enter horizontal or vertical reading, else if you miss this, both.
    example if 25.4 page width, 90%=22.8 cm (vertical is then 15.25cm)
    4. Centre the picture on the page (use your calculator again to find the vert and horiz offsets from the top left corner and set the distances
    example if page was 25.4x19.05 new size is 22.8 horizontal so offset=(25.4-22.8)/2=1.3cm
    vertical: page would be 19.05 (if 10x7.5 inches originally) so offset=(19.05-15.25)/2=1.9cm
    5. Save as jpg
    Step 2
    1. Import jpeg into e.g. Zoom Browser EX
    2. Use trim tool to crop but expand the trim to the first edge of the print (will be top/bottom, or sides, depending on starting page) which will leave you an equal border all round
    3. Save "trimmed" picture

    This will print but there may be a sliver of border if you downsized too much, and could be random, to probably better to downsize by not quite the full amount.

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    Default Re: EPSON cropping work around

    Thanks for this
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