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Thread: Canon 5D IV battery life

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    Default Canon 5D IV battery life

    I am finding the batteries in my 5D IV seem to run down much more quickly than I found with my 7D or 5D III, especially when turned off. In particular when not in use for a week or so the battery is often nearly flat, or goes flat when I start to use it.

    I have the camera set so wifi is off and the GPS is off when the camera is turned off.

    Today I turned on the camera, checked the"Canon" battery, 64%, 10 minutes later camera dies and battery appears flat (ie when charged single flash on charger). It seems the power remaining is not properly reported.

    I have a mix of batteries but have yet to research if generics are worse then "Canon" ones.

    Has anyone else experienced this.

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    Default Re: Canon 5D IV battery life

    Hello and welcome to the EOS Forum.

    It would appear that all (most) of Canon's newest bodies are not as good at retaining battery power than their predecessors. I noticed this when I changed to the MKII version of my camera and after a couple of days shooting, thought I would have got more shots out of the MKI body. It wasn't significant, but enough to notice.

    The 5D MKIV also falls into the same category and many have remarked about the more limited battery life. You appear to have done the two major things to limit power loss by turning off WI-FI and GPS, but ensuring your rear screen is set to standard, rather than brighter also helps. You may also check whether the auto power off is activated.

    It would also appear that the problem is not so bad after a couple of weeks of shooting, but whether that is because the battery has conditioned itself with use, or the users have got used to the situation, I don't know. On the plus side, you don't appear have a major fault, it just seems to be the nature of the beast and does tend to settle down.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Canon 5D IV battery life

    I bought a couple of new, genuine Canon batteries with my IV and can't say I've noticed any problems. I have Wi-Fi off but leave GPS in the auto-sleep setting. The battery does drain if the camera is not used for several weeks but nothing which I consider a problem.

    Note that Canon introduced a newer "N" version of the battery with a slightly higher power capacity - that's the version I am using.

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    Default Re: Canon 5D IV battery life

    I too can't say that I have noticed any difference in the battery life with my 5d4, compared to my 5d3, but then I hadn't really taken that much notice.

    If there is a difference, it can't much, as I would have noticed it.

    I always carry a spare battery, any these are of the new 'N' type as mentioned.

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    Default Re: Canon 5D IV battery life

    On the subject of battery life, I find that the battery in my Canon 6D keeps very well (Canon battery) whereas the Canon battery in my 760D runs down fairly quickly when I don't use the camera for a few days. Of course I have another Canon battery as spare and I always take a spare battery when out "shooting"! I have noted Colin C's comments on this matter although with different cameras. One other point is that when I use the 760 fairly often, the battery seems to last longer!!!!!!
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