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Thread: Challenge 133 - Pointless

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    Default Re: Challenge 133 - Pointless

    OOh, Chris, what a nice surprise -delighted to have a win next to a variety of tough and interesting entrants

    Well done to my fellow podiums Dave and John and a big thank you to Chris for organising and judging.

    I'll get my thinking cap on and post a new challenge soon

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    Default Re: Challenge 133 - Pointless

    Well done Lunarbo ! I really did like this shot even though you had some stiff competition


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    Default Re: Challenge 133 - Pointless

    Grateful thanks to Chris for setting and judging an interesting challenge and for his considered comments on the entries - what a variety of responses!

    I was unaware of your hankering for a moody sky (it was SWMBO who sent me out into the orchard to take the picture and I am sure she has no knowledge of your likes and dislikes) so mere co-incidence in this case (though I shall remember for the future...)

    Congratulations to Daisy M and particularly to Barbara - we wait with bated breath!
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