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Thread: Canon 70-300mm L lens vs Sigma 100-400mm bazooka lens

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    Default Re: Canon 70-300mm L lens vs Sigma 100-400mm bazooka lens

    Nat, perhaps you should also consider the 400mm f/5.6. MPB have one in "like new" condition for 734 and should work with the Kenko.
    It's a little heavier than the Sigma (but only by 90g!) and if you find that you're always at full reach with the 70-300 anyway it may be a good choice.

    The only reason I didn't get one (or haven't got one yet, anyway!) is that I really wanted the versatility that the 100-400 gives me, as I'm also using it for insects (the close minimum focus distance helps there) and aircraft at airshows, as well as birds & wildlife.
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    Default Re: Canon 70-300mm L lens vs Sigma 100-400mm bazooka lens

    try a canon 1.4 mk2 tc it worked on mine
    I'm not really bothered about using a t/c with the Sigma zooms, I have enough difficulty locating the target at 600 mm as it is. The Kenko works very well for my main purpose, with the Sigma 105 mm macro it makes a 168 mm (equivalent to 235 mm on the 80D) at a fraction of the cost of a 180 mm macro.
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    Default Re: Canon 70-300mm L lens vs Sigma 100-400mm bazooka lens

    Thanks good folk for all your sound advice which is much appreciated. I am now veering towards the Sigma Bazooka. Yes, Chris I do shoot most of my wildlife pics at the long end but there are also occasions that I have to shoot at closer range. So a zoom is convenient for me. I did own the Canon 400 5.6 lens some years ago but sold it when I found the weight was becoming a problem. My present 70-300mm lens plus 1.4TC is brilliant as long as I shoot within it's range but when I shoot further away from it's range , the subject becomes soft. I note that the Sigma Bazooka lens is now selling around 599 on Ebay!!!!!!!!
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