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Thread: Lenses FF/APSC

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    I stand corrected....I love how this topic gets the posts rolling in...good stuff

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    This morning I did a simple test comparing the 70D and the 6D, both of these having 20.2 mp sensors, but one on APS-C and one on full frame. I set both cameras up identically using the 85mm F1.8 lens, an oldie but still very reliable. The target was the centre pages from the EOS magazine shop catalogue, which has some small sharply defined text, which was pinned to an outside door in good diffuse light. As far as possible, the only variable was therefore the sensor size. So I took a few shots from exactly the same spot with each camera, F4 at 1/200 second. The distance was such that more or less the whole frame was filled on the 70D. Of course, the target was considerably smaller on the 6D image.

    Back home, I then cropped the 6D image so that the target appeared the same size as it did on the 70D, giving me two identical looking images. However, the 70D image was still the full 5,472 by 3,648 pixels, while the one from the 6D, having been cropped, was now about 3,700 by 2,700. My belief has always been that because the 70D image consisted of more pixels, when zooming in on both images the 70D would show more detail. However, I was surprised to find that not to be the case, enlarging each image considerably showed very little difference indeed, the small print on the target looking pretty much identical when enlarged to the same size, if anything the 6D results were rather sharper and better defined, even though the enlargement factor had to be greater than for the 70D.

    As a result, I've rather changed my mind. I'd always believed that if, for example taking an image of a distant bird, one would be better off using an APS-C body because the image would take less enlarging than it would on a comparable FF body and this was the "extra reach" advantage. Now I'm not at all sure this would be the case. Of course, if one has the latest FF models with considerably more megapixels, such as the 5D MkIV or the 5DS/R then their advantage would surely be much greater.
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    I'm beginning to think some of our correct conceptions (not misconceptions) are becoming obsolete because all sensors are so darn good these days....and there is little difference to be discerned.
    I had a great A2 print made from a 12MP shot taken with a micro four thirds sensor....which is considerable smaller than APSC.
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