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Thread: i9100 Printer driver

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    Default i9100 Printer driver

    I have an i9100 Printer which worked perfectly until I updated my computer to Windows 10 and found there appears to be no driver compatible with this operating system. Can anyone please advise if there is a way round this or alternative driver available, as it will be a very expensive lesson otherwise. Many thanks.

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    Default Re: i9100 Printer driver

    You could try removing the printer and then when adding it see if it can search for any generic drivers that would work.

    Unfortunately I believe that as the i9100 is an older printer, that Canon no longer support it driver wise, so you may have to upgrade to a newer one.

    there are some windows 10 drivers advertised when googling it, but have to say that they don't look reputable sites so wouldn't look to advise you of those.
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    Default Re: i9100 Printer driver

    Probably easier to buy a new printer these days ,and just do the same when the ink runs out madness but it's the truth

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    Default Re: i9100 Printer driver

    Depending how technical you are and how much effort you are willing to invest, you might want to try installing your old OS in a VirtualBox and configuring the i9100 there. That might offer you a temporary alternative to buying a new printer ...

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    Many thanks guys,
    I will try the re install but I fear a new printer will be the answer.


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