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    Quote Originally Posted by Swanny48 View Post
    So if a beginner comes on here and posts a photo which you don't think is particularly good. You would prefer to ignore it rather than make any suggestion to help.

    I don't think I am qualified enough to give any advisory comment & I am sure that other more experienced members will help the beginner. I wouldn't want to mislead the beginner in anyway.
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    Ohhhhhh don't write yourself down Nat, you are well and truly capable and ideally suited to give advice.

    Advice is just that, advice...... it is not and has never been intended to be the be all and end all, it is simply another point of view often based upon experience to be taken on board or discarded, but importantly it opens up other possible avenues to improving ones image technique that the originator of the post may have neither envisaged nor thought off, and thus allows them to make judgement if the information is pertinent to their needs so that they may act upon it or learn from it to improve their skills.
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    Default No comment posts


    You’ve taken some good pics and have been around on here long enough that if you gave me any comments on any of my pics, I’d certainly take notice and consider your opinion / advice up there with anyone else’s.

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    Unfortunately there's no 'one size fits all solution'... Over at the AP forum there are basically two sections for pictures: the Appraisal Gallery & the Exhibition Gallery. Now the Appraisal Gallery pretty much fits what Brian mentions in his post when talking about having a particular section for images to be critiqued and it largely works as expected.

    The other section, the Exhibition Gallery, is essentially, as Brian puts it, 'just for sharing and casual comment'. Now this sounds fine but you'd be amazed at the lengthy, and sometimes quite heated - even acrimonious, debates about what comment is 'allowed' and what is not. It can get quite tricky posting comments that amount to much more than 'nice shot' or otherwise without treading on pedantic toes. This is not to say images don't get posted in Exhibition without starting a row, plenty do and with the AP memberships remarkable ability to wander off-topic some quite interesting threads can happen but probably most images posted attract few or no comments which takes us right back to square one...

    One thing to bear in mind about this forum is the sheer volume of pictures posted! I imagine if one is a really regular visitor of at least once a day it might, just, be possible to keep up with commenting on every picture but for those whose visits are somewhat less frequent even catching up on looking at every picture can be difficult let alone commenting on them.

    It could be worth trying a critique cum 'help my technique' section for those images where the author definitely requires assistance but I would avoid turning the remaining sections into a zone where only bland pseudo-positive comments get made - that's best left to Facebook and the like...

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    Good points Nigel.
    I'm sure I miss loads of postings because I go to 'whats new' first rather than venture into the individual forums straight away...some forums keep posts in order of first posting rather than last comment....but that's a different debate.
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    Default Re: No comment posts

    What if in the title when posting a photo a dedicated icon or C&C (Comments & criticism) or HHN (helpful hints needed) could be added then not so often visitors could spot them or do a forum search?

    I only recently started dipping my toe slowly back into photography and realised this week that some forums only want comments if the are of the 'thats a great shot' variety. A visual indicater will at least show me that the Photograph poster won't throw a fit if feedback is given in a kind and constructive way - such as this would benefit from being straighter. What software are you using and we can see if we can find a way to explain how to straighten them image for you.

    I learnt a lot from this forum and it challenged me to takes photos I never dreamed I would be capable of. Hopefully it will inspire a new wave of beginners.
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    Default Re: No comment posts

    I don't think I am qualified enough to give any advisory comment
    That may have been the case in 2010, but a lot has happened in the intervening years and now you are one of the more experienced members. Indeed, not only experienced, but a multiple published photographer.

    Try and wriggle out of that one matey!

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