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Thread: I'm Back Digital back for old 35mm Cameras

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    Default I'm Back Digital back for old 35mm Cameras

    Any one been keeping upto date with this www.imback.eu .
    Must admit would like to use my EOS 3 with somthing like
    it one day if it was more compact though.

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    Default Re: I'm Back Digital back for old 35mm Cameras

    I have my late father's AE1 sat on my shelf with a trio of FD lenses and it would be nice to use it. However, at 16MP, no custom functions and the size of a brick, I am unlikely to give it any serious consideration.

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    Default Re: I'm Back Digital back for old 35mm Cameras

    Back in the day, when the first Canon digital EOS cameras appeared, even at their eye-watering prices it was clear they were the future but few could afford them so we waited patiently for the promised digital backs to fit our film bodies. Had they been available then there would have been a market but now I suspect there won't be many takers. Best part of twenty years too late I fear.


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    Default Re: I'm Back Digital back for old 35mm Cameras

    What puzzles me is how you are supposed to use the viewfinder when that huge lump on the back is going to get in the way! As Colin says it's also way too big' looks like it doubles the size of the camera and probably adds about as much weight into the bargain.

    John's right I think, too little, too late... Especially as I have an M42 adapter for my EOS bodies and a D7000 for my old Nikkors...

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