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Thread: help required please - 600EX-RT can't turn off flash tube

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    Default help required please - 600EX-RT can't turn off flash tube

    Thank you for any help you can offer.
    I have Canon 5div with 600ex-rt mounted on the hot shoe.
    I want it to fire via IR one (or more) remote flash guns (Bowens 1070/3600 Gemini 250 250R 250C series)
    I want to switch off the 600EX-RT flash tube - so it just acts as an IR sender.

    The issue is no matter what I do the 600EX-RT fires its tube.

    I have looked up / checked the following prior to posting.
    Canon warn of fake 600EX-RT heads - from this link info I have a real one, and it was bought from a high street shop.
    Info HERE

    The Canon manual HERE Section 5 optical transmission pg 75 onward.

    From the manual I have the 5div camera in Manual mode, flash mounted on camera, using the "z with arrows button" I select the lightening logo top right of screen , symbols IR mode ON
    In 'menu1' on flash I select the head flash to 'off' that state is confirmed on screen and I can toggle on/off and see the 3 lines switch on/off on the display.

    That fires a remote bowens flash head(s) fine, But it always fires the 600EX-RT tube as well which I want off.

    Am I doing something so obviously wrong I can't see it???
    Thank you for any help / suggestions.

    PLEASE NOTE: I have other sender kit without flash, remote sync units/cables etc.
    I 'MUST' use the IR system as I am checking flash heads, It's only for testing so its not a serious issue but I would like to know how to do this and what I'm doing wrong.

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    Default Re: help required please - 600EX-RT can't turn off flash tube

    As I understand it the flash gun fires 2 flashes one a pre flash to determine the power needed for the exposure and then the flash for the exposure this all happens so fast you cannot tell there are 2 flashes so as long as you have switched off the flash the pre flash will not affect the exposure, as I said this is how I understand it hope it helps



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