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Thread: LR alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
    For those for whom image processing is the main function of their computer it's easy to forget that overall Windows users far outnumber Mac users, sticking to Mac only isn't really commercially viable these days.
    Personally, I use Affinity, it's cheap enough and does everything I need and more. It was developed for Mac originally, but the Windows version works perfectly, as far as I have been able to tell.
    A couple of points. I don’t think either Ian or I suggested that a windows version of Luminar is a mistake. As far as I’m concerned it’s a matter of timing. At present they’re DAM has been coming soon since the first release but aside from the odd video, I don’t know that anyone has seen it in the wild. Then there was the performance side of things, not addressed in the 2017 version.

    To start work on a windows version without hitting those either problems or promises is not a good idea. Working on a windows build has diverted attention from delivering on the mac front which has turned off a number of users that would otherwise have been fans and pushed the product.

    As for needing to build product for windows, well this bunch seem to be doing well building iOS and OS X products only - https://www.omnigroup.com/about - and MacPhun that was had a long history of being Mac only until Luminar.
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    I recently undertook, with some colleagues, an exercise to eveluate the RAW conversion and general editing abilities of many of the commonly avilable software packages for my Camera Club. The results were a bit of an eye opener. All of the software that we tested performed well but there were interesting differences, with some being more capable with landscapes and outdoor subjects and others better with flash, artificially lit subjects and portraits.
    The conclusion that we came to was that you should use the software that is the closest match to the way you want to work. As for myself.
    1. Import to Lightroom
    2. Use personal presets to make adjustments
    3. Select files to be edited in detail
    4. Edit using Photoshop
    5. Print or output edited files (Jpegs for inter club competitions)
    I keep the majority of my RAW files just as I kept all my negatives, I keep the PSD files I only keep Jpegs of the competition files antil the competition is past.
    Storage is cheap so I don't worry about using it.

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