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Thread: Problem with mark 2 100-400 lens with 7D mark 2

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    Thumbs down Problem with mark 2 100-400 lens with 7D mark 2

    I replaced my mark I 7D and 100-400 lens combo with the mark 2s, in 2016, the lens in March 2016 and the camera in July, both from Calumet Edinburgh.
    In December 2016, I began to experience intermittent problems when I pressed the playback/review button: the camera would freeze, and the only fix was to switch off the camera, and often having to remove the battery. I returned the camera to Calumet, who sent it off for repair. The camera was returned in March 2017 with a replaced printed circuit board assembly and main base plate assembly and was deemed all ok. However, the problem returned the next time I used the camera and lens on a trip to Iceland. I once more returned the camera and it went off to Calumet’s repairers, and deemed OK. After a series of further problems, the camera and lens went off again for repair and it was suggested the lens was the problem, despite getting no error messages in the camera. Recently I received the lens and camera back with the zoom, focussing mechanism, and some optics replaced. Fortunately the charge of almost 300 was waived by Calumet, yet I reckon everything should have been covered by the warranty as the original problem occurred well within the year of purchasing lens and camera.
    I guess the lens problem should have been spotted earlier and fixed, but it wasn’t.

    I now hope my problems are over. I haven’t any idea how the problems occurred. The camera and lens has not been dropped or physically harshly treated. Is this a problem anyone else has experienced.
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    That’s worrying as I’m looking to upgrade my 750d with 400mm L non IS with what you have. May i ask if theres a significant difference between the MK1 and MK2 set up?

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    Default Re: Problem with mark 2 100-400 lens with 7D mark 2

    As far as I’m aware there isn’t a huge difference. When it’s working the results are impressive - see my Flickr site. Google Poxton Flickr

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    Default Re: Problem with mark 2 100-400 lens with 7D mark 2

    Ian if you bought it on a credit card you may well have an extended warranty through them, i would have pushed for a replacement when it repeatedly went wrong as it was not fit for purpose.

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