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Thread: half a sixpence

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    Default half a sixpence

    well the front half anyway ,having a play last night with the sigma 150mm macro plus sigma tc-1401 teleconverter and the newly acquired LED ring flash .quite pleased with the result ,still lots to learn but getting there

    half a sixpence by jeff and jan cohen, on Flickr

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    Default Re: half a sixpence

    where you square on the coin? it looks soft top right
    :- Ian

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    Default Re: half a sixpence

    Good shot, yes a little soft at 2o/c could be f5.6 is not enough? Even for something so small

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    Default Re: half a sixpence

    Wondering why you would want to put a t/c on a macro lens, particularly one with a relatively long focal length already.

    It should be able to produce a sharp image across the frame at F5.6 see :
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    Default Re: half a sixpence

    It was hand held so not square on as noticed ,and Richard I was just experimenting to see what can be done .,also got a set of extension tubes to try yet ,just getting used to the equipment in reality

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    Default Re: half a sixpence

    I have found that a 1.4x t/c is fine on a 100mm macro, only lose one stop, and I mostly shoot at f5.6 to 8 when hand holding so not an issue, you still get 1:1 macro and the extra reach can be useful on insects, add a ring flash or regular with a soft box and you're good to go

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