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Thread: Windsor Castle..a long way off

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    Default Windsor Castle..a long way off

    002 by SuperGeeman, on Flickr

    A hell of a walk from the gate to the statue the other end... well, 2 miles or so, was there for the deer, but they were no where to be seen! Used the 100-400L not bad from approx a mile away. Bit of a crop.

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    Default Re: Windsor Castle..a long way off

    nice result.. great that you had a good clear day
    :- Ian

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    Default Re: Windsor Castle..a long way off

    I reckon that's probably a better composition than you would have been able to get close up - plus there's no problem with getting the verticals right. Wide angle isn't always the best for landscape or buildings.
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    Default Re: Windsor Castle..a long way off

    That's a very nicely composed image


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    Default Re: Windsor Castle..a long way off

    very nice


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    Default Re: Windsor Castle..a long way off

    Beautifully clear, one of the great advantages of clear cold weather - no haze. Come August you probably wouldn't see the castle at all...

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