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Thread: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

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    Default Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    I have had a 7D Mk II for couple of years and have been put off with moving to a full frame because of cost. Now the 6D Mk II is available should I bite the bullet and buy one ?.

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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    with any upgrade you need to ask yourself if the additional features will help your photography, if the answer is yes and cost isn't the issue ( or a wife LOL) upgrade ..
    :- Ian

    5D Mk III, 24-105 / 70-200 f2.8 L / 100-400 Mk II / 100 macro / 16-35 L / 11-24 L / 1.4 & 2x converters and a bad back carrying it all ;o)

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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    Also you won't be able to use any EF-S lenses. I've just gone from a 7dmk2 to a 5d mk3 and I have to say the low light and high iso improvement is quite noticeable. Luckily all but one of my lenses are EF

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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    I was tormented for years with wanting to change up.....really pleased when I did (5DIII)......so I would say Yes....DO IT!
    (are you sure you've got the correct and compatible lenses for your photography needs?)
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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    Greetings and welcome to the EOS Forum.

    If you are heavily into wildlife and sport, your 7dMKII is as good as it gets, unless you go to the expense of a 1 series. However, I am a fan of the 6D and although it isn't as fast as the 7D, it will still cope well. The increased quality, dynamic range and the benefits of full frame may more than outweigh the slightly slower performance.

    However, if you are more into landscape, architecture, street and studio photography, then no contest; go for the 6D MKII. As previously mentioned, you can only use EF lenses (or most third party lenses), so if you already have a bag full of EFS lenses, that will add to the cost of change.

    We would be most interested to know which way you go.

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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    The other thing to consider is 6D2 versus 5DIII. The 5DIII may have been replaced, but it still does have some advantages over the 6D2. There are still new ones available from some suppliers I believe, but there are also lots of low shutter count (about 10,000) used models around (with guarantee, from reputable suppliers) for about 500 less than a new 6D2.
    It's worth reading a few reviews of the 6D2 like these :
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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    If, after all the advice, you still decide to go for the 6D Mk II, you won't regret it - low light performance is great and I have no regrets buying mine - I upgraded from a 700D and the move to full frame was well worth it.
    Canon EOS 6D Mk II, 700D, Canon 24-105mm L, 100-400mm, 100mm f2.8 L Macro.

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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. I am going to go for the 6D MK II and a Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 DI VC USD to replace the EF-S

    Thanks again :-)
    :- Sean

    6D Mk II / 100-400 f4 L / Tamron 90 Macro / Sigma 70-200 f2.8 / Sigma 24 70 F2.8 /Tamron 15-30mm f2.8
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    Default Re: Should I upgrade to 6D MkII

    I had the 6D and recently got the 6D MKII. Not an awful lot of difference in the pictures it produces but better AF & articulated screen is so handy. I have an 80D too which I use for aviation/wildlife. Both have their place but the the 6D & 6D MKII have much much less noise than the 80D.

    I went for the 6D line rather than 5D route as the 6D/6D MKII is smaller, lighter & cheaper & does all I need it to do. The MKII's articulated screen is great too.

    Les Cornwell Photography

    EOS 6D MKII, EOS 100D, EOS50e, EF17-40 F4L, EF24-70 F2.8L II, EF70-200 F4L IS, EF100-400 F5.6L MKII, EF100 F2.8L IS, EF-S 18-135 STM, EF-S 18-55, GP-E2, 270EX, 430EX II, Kase & Lee filters.


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