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Thread: Pafos Archeological site

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    Default Pafos Archeological site

    I don't do many panoramas, and I'm not convinced this one has enough interest in the middle, but I did it so I'll share it...
    5 shots, handheld, stitched in Lightroom.

    Pafos panorama
    by AlexR!, on Flickr
    Canon EOS 7D
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    Default Re: Pafos Archeological site

    Sorry Alex but that's really much too small to see properly...

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    Default Re: Pafos Archeological site

    I get the feeling that theres quite a lot of detail in the background with the town, but trying to make it bigger on screen just blurs it out. Like the light house on the left balanced by the path on the right. Hoping the original gives you plenty of detail.
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