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Thread: Canon common repair practice

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    Default Canon common repair practice

    Hello all,
    Would it be possible to have discussion about the Canon repair practice (via dealer)? I recently dropped my 6 months old 16-35 f2.8 III and the carter was damaged at the focal ring. Although the lens still worked perfectly in terms of optics. I went to a dealer to have it repaired (not under warranty obviously). I got it retuned in working order, but I saw that the S/N changed since they had to replace the carter, where the S/N is written on. The question is now:
    - I have two years warranty, so still one year and a half pending, but how to proof it since the S/N has changed?
    - Is it really my lens? Apparently the real S/N is written electronically inside, but nobody can read it.
    - what happens if I need to proof at the customs, when travelling, that I effectively paid all the taxes,..., it is not possible since my invoice shows the original S/N. Is it a fake, counterfeit?
    - The original S/N starts with 48, since it has been made in 2016, the new S/N starts with 97, so 2012, but that lens didn't exist then. Where is this coming from.

    Who has experience with this? What is the common practice from Canon in such cases?

    Thanks a lot. DCO

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    Default Re: Canon common repair practice

    You may be able to get the lens serial number from exif data on flickr.
    I checked mine.
    Under lens serial number it says 00000000000000
    Under lens internal serial number it gave a number as in this pic.

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    Default Re: Canon common repair practice

    I would think your first action is to contact the dealer and check whether it actually went to Canon or to another repairer - the fact that the serial number appears to be that of an older lens suggests that it possibly went to an independent repair shop who may have used a secondhand part from a defunct earlier version, I imagine Canon or an authorised repairer would use a new part.

    Did you get a repair docket/bill? A copy of this should detail the work carried out and be enough to explain why the serial number now varies from the bill of sale in the event that someone actually challenges you...

    Having determined the nature of the repair service you will then need to contact Canon to clarify the warranty situation as they are the only ones who can accurately advise you as to the situation. The possibility exists that if the repair was not carried out by Canon or by a Canon authorised repair centre your warranty may no longer be valid.
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    Default Re: Canon common repair practice

    not sure if your in the u.k or elsewhere

    .also not sure of what a "Carter" is ?

    however your first course of action wherever you are is to contact the canon head office for that country your original serial number will be on your box . ask if they have a record of repair based on that number .if not explain your fears to them and see what the reply is ,I fear you may be right and as it wasn't a warranty repair the shop may well have taken the cheapest and quickest option available

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    Default Re: Canon common repair practice

    Thank you for your comments, suggestions.
    Obviously I called the dealer where I returned the lens for repair, a lot of blabla, all is normal, waste of time as expected (according to them, I even don't need an invoice when I'm crossing the border, why buying to a local dealer in your country then, just to pay more?)
    As I'm a Canon CPS member (Gold, whatever that means) I contacted the representative at Canon, not answering the phone, no reaction to emails. I spent the whole week. Finally I got a reply from someone from the support team, but he seems not concerned, seems even not knowing the meaning of the two first digits of the S/N... now he is off for some weeks according to an autoreply. What a service!

    One think I checked is the internal S/N with the ExifTool: https://sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/ Impressive tool. I looks like the internal S/N is the old one, so the good one.

    FYI: I'm in Belgium, although I started photography in the UK few years ago.
    They call that the carter, but the is just the lens enclosure, where the S/N is written on. Since I dropped it, the enclosure was damaged at the focal ring. Not sure they had to replace the whole enclosure BTW.

    Any other suggestion are welcome since it seems it is getting nowhere, I just stay with the problem. "Thank you Canon".

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    Default Re: Canon common repair practice

    As suspected you aren’t in the u.k ,the reply re invoice is fair comment I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone being asked for one or ever seen a comment regarding it .if your lens is working properly after repair then be thankful for that

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    Default Re: Canon common repair practice

    Over the years I've had numerous Canon lens repaired both cine and still by Canon - they all come back with their original serial number

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