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Thread: The Canon Camera Connect App.

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    Angry The Canon Camera Connect App.

    What is with this app? I simply cannot connect my camera to my tablet or phone (both Android) any longer. It's driving me crazy.
    There was a time with the old App that I connected very easily but no longer. And trust me I have tried every which way and followed the "Easy Help" which actually isn't all that helpful.

    Please can anyone enlighten me on the reason why or know what I can do to remedy this?

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: The Canon Camera Connect App.

    I’m using a 200D and iPhone SE and iPad mini2.
    This is how mine works...I know its not Android but the principles and order should be similar....
    Press the WiFi button on top of the camera
    Select the device from the menu on the camera LCD
    Then go to your iPad , settings, WiFi and select the canon WiFi
    Then open the canon app
    And then I get options to view and upload images on the camera
    .......hope this works for you !
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    Default Re: The Canon Camera Connect App.

    Sorry Dinah, another Apple user. App seems to be working with my M6.

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    Default Re: The Canon Camera Connect App.

    Thank you Brian - I will try that - I have tried all ways so perhaps best to contact Canon direct and see if they can help. I do know by other comments elsewhere that I am not the only one having problems.

    Your reply appreciated - thank you

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    Default Re: The Canon Camera Connect App.

    What camera are you using? And what method to connect the camera, WiFi, NFC or Bluetooth?
    Do you have the latest version of Camera Connect?
    Have you checked all the info here:
    EOS 6D, 5D Mk II, 80D, 70D, 100D, 200D. Canon 10-18, 18 - 55, 55 - 250 IS STM lenses, Canon 16 - 35 mm F4L, 35 mm EF-S macro, 50 mm F1.8 STM, 60 mm EF-S macro, MPE-65 macro, 85 mm F1.8, 200 mm F2.8 L II, Sigma 24 - 35 F2 Art, 135 mm F1.8 Art, 17 - 50 F2.8 DC, 105 mm OS macro, 100 - 400 C, 150 - 600 C.

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    Default Re: The Canon Camera Connect App.

    Thank you all for your help and comments - they were all appreciated.
    What I eventually did was uninstall 'Canon Camera Connect' with thoughts to re-install and saw this little warning which I obviously missed before.

    "This app may not be optimised for your device"

    So I installed the original version "EOS Remote" and voila!! works. There-in was the problem

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    Default Re: The Canon Camera Connect App.

    Glad you found something that works.
    Di ~ Trying to take "the" photograph.
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