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Thread: Shutter Count and annual usage

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    Default Re: Shutter Count and annual usage

    Hmmm, feeling rather inadequate right now...
    But as a matter of interest for those of us at the lower end of the spectrum, over the last 4 years I've averaged 2,600 per year with mine (based purely on file numbering), but what I find more interesting is that the number of days per year that I have taken photos (based on my folder structure) has been very stable at 45, 39, 38, 39, so less than once a week on average. I've kept about 250 each year, so a 10% keeper rate. That surprised me slightly, I thought I was much more ruthless than that.
    But overall I just wish I had more time to get out more.
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    Default Re: Shutter Count and annual usage

    I was only interested in actuations to gauge how much of the useful life of the camera had been used.
    I suspect these very high shutter actuations are much greater than professionals would have had in the film days.

    Based on my 9000 actuations a year I would have been spending 750/year or 62/month on film assuming about 3 for a 36 roll....without processing costs of course.
    Maybe as a business cost as a pro that would be reasonable or even low....but I used to struggle with the cost of a few rolls a month in 1980s.
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    Default Re: Shutter Count and annual usage

    Could be worth while looking at mine but being a hdr tog it's going to be 5x higher anyhow 😲
    :- Ian

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    Default Re: Shutter Count and annual usage

    I have been shooting digital since buying my 10D in 2003. I have generally had two cameras at any one time and recently I transferred all my RAW files onto a NAS drive. I have generally kept all RAW files that are technically OK. I transferred 251,000 RAW files that gives me an average of 16,700 shots a year. I have taken 31,000 shots on my 5D mkIV since I got it in Sept 2016 and 12,000 on my 5D mk III over the same period. I don't think anyone would want my cameras secondhand.

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