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Thread: Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

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    Default Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

    I'm looking for a flatbed scanner which is compatible with the above. I will be using it to scan slides and negs mostly.
    I have a Canon 8600 but it's not supported for the latest OS so won't work at all. I've tried the Epson V550 but despite what Epson say that isn't supported either. I guess the only other machine is Canon's 9000 F Mk2 but will it definitely work and is the image quality really good? I'm concious that this has been on the market for a few years now so there's no guarantee that will be supported for much longer. I realise that there are other software products such as Vuescan & Silverfast but I'm not too keen on them.
    Does anyone have any views please?

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    Default Re: Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

    I have an Epson V700 (I think there's a newer model out now) which I use with High Sierra but I've had to fiddle about to get it working as I have to press a key or move the mouse after every scan, negs or prints. I use a program called Keyboard Maestro which presses the space bar for me every couple of minutes. Another program called Amphetamine stops the computer going to sleep. It's not ideal as it makes it difficult to do anything else on computer while it's scanning. If anyone else has a better way of doing it I'd be very interested.
    Incidentally, High Sierra will be the last version of OSX which supports 32 bit programs.


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    Default Re: Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

    This is something that I am looking at as well at the moment. Iíve borrowed a Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai from a friend to try out as I have a huge number of slides and negatives that I want to scan and intend to try it on my iMac so Iíll let you know how I get on.

    I had a look at the 9000F at the show the other week and got the impression from Canon that it was still an ongoing and supported item. I donít mind getting one but I want to be sure that it is the necessary before I part with £200 quid. I have an old epson 3700 that Iíve got going on an old windows machine, it works but is so slow!

    With the number I have to scan it needs to be faster so Iíll be interested to see how the Plustek does. I appreciate that it uses SilverFast that you are not keen on so Iíd be interested to hear why you are nor keen on it.


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    Default Re: Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

    I've also tried Silverfast but find it long winded to use compared with the Epson software. I don't know how many negatives you can put in the Plustek at a time but the V700 takes 4 strips of six at a time which means you can let it run and go and do something else for half an hour or more depending on how many negatives you choose to scan.

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    Default Re: Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

    I spoke to Epson and Canon at the NEC at some length. Initially it was my intention to buy the Epson V800 at around £500 but I was assured that the V550 image quality was the same as the V800. However there's no guarantee that will work either and in view of the price I'm not now inclined to risk a purchase. Canon had no advance warning of a replacement for the 9000 Mk.2. It seems development of these type of scanners may have dried up along with the software. Silverfast is just so complicated especially if it's only used occasionally.

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    Default Re: Scanner wanted for Apple Mac High Sierra OS. 10.13.4

    Surely in this day and age with ever faster and more complicated firmware updates the best way to keep ahead of the scanner game is to go for a intergrated scanner / printer .they are cheap and readily replaced .they can usually be purchased for sub £50 from the likes of Argos and replaced yearly ,unless there’s some special function a stand alone does ?


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