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Thread: Retrieving photos from SD card

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    Default Retrieving photos from SD card

    I have a problem in uploading my photos from a Sandisk 128gb SD card to my Mac desktop. I originally placed the card into my 5D Mark 3, took some photos and the following day put it into my 80D and took more photos. The first lot of pictures were fine but the ones taken with the 80D can't be read. They show up ok in camera. I realise that I should have uploaded the first lot and formatted the card before shooting with a different camera. Can anyone help me out here.

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    Default Re: Retrieving photos from SD card

    Have you tried using EOS Utility to transfer the images directly from each camera to your Mac via USB?
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    Can you see the files if you open up the folder on the card when it appears on your desktop.

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    Problem solved! I downloaded Digital Professional 4 and the files finally showed up. Thanks for your rapid answers.


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