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Thread: How do I upload my pics now...?

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    Default Re: How do I upload my pics now...?

    There are others more expert than I, but I believe that when posting an image direct to this forum the image automatically gets resized, which will reduce its quality. The rationale being that this site's owner provides it all to us for free so why should he also fund the unlimited amount of storage that would be needed if we all uploaded huge files to his server.

    As a matter of interest, this is a link to a Flickr image I posted this morning:

    Lord's Pavilion
    by AlexR!, on Flickr

    And this is a direct upload of the same sized original:
    Canon EOS 7D
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    Default Re: How do I upload my pics now...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas View Post
    From what I have read above, I gather that if I were to post an image directly onto this forum, the quality would not be as good as if I first posted it onto a Flickr account and then posted it from Flickr into this forum?

    So does this mean that Flickr does something to enhance images posted there, or does it mean that this forum does something to reduce an image's quality?

    Why can't a good image be posted onto this forum and remain as good as it was on a computer screen?

    I'm rather puzzled about this so can someone explain why it's better to post via Flickr rather than posting directly into this forum?

    What does Flickr do that this forum doesn't?
    From memory, though I think it is detailed somewhere on the forum, the maximum size for images embedded into the forum rather than hotlinked to a web host is 800 pixels on the longest side and with a filesize no larger than 60kB. As Alex says I understand this is down to the cost of storage space for onsite hosting.

    Flickr does appear to use far more efficient resizing algorithm when reducing images to the various size options offered in by the sharing option than the forum does. I have found that if I keep the image size down to 800pixels and 60kB or less it is possible to post images directly that appear with the same quality as they do in the editing software. That said the compression sometimes required to meet the 60kB limit causes other problems with posterisation effects and artefacts that severely impact and limit image quality.

    For this reason I limit direct uploads to examples of my interpretation/critique of pictures previously posted. For my own original posts I use Flickr

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