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Thread: The perfect monopod

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    Default The perfect monopod

    I have just purchased what I consider to be the perfect monopod ,one of the siriu range of Chinese ones ,do not be put off by the made in China part of that as these really are the rolls Royce of monopod ,I went for one of the carbon fibre ones ,there are many model numbers that all vary in price but basically there all similar .

    The defining features are a click lock fold out tripod feet base that allows you to stand your camera and lens on it unattended ,the bottom joint of this actually unscrews to turn it into a ground level tripod by adding the extra plate and screw (supplied) .

    Once put back together the next screw up raises and lowers to allow you tilt the whole unit to around 45 degrees handy for doing macro/close up work ,next up are three twist locks that allow height management and they work really smoothly to .

    And finally you come to metal twist lock by loosening this the whole top of the monopod moves around 360deg ,effectively the same as a gimbal top and nice and smoothly to a simple two way fitting at the top turns it into a gimble if your inclined .

    With mine I have mounted a jobu junior gimble to it instead for easy birding ,but as you can probably realise itís very adaptable .

    The monopod is heavier than I thought it would be ,but that does add to sturdiness and build quality and it comes supplied with a lovely carry bag ,and shoulder strap,plus spare parts and Allan keys ,a super buy and extremely useful as it saves carting a large tripod around ,strap it to your back and use when needed ,highly recommended and around £130 from u.k suppliers bit cheaper direct import from China
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    Default Re: The perfect monopod

    Great minds think alike.

    I have been looking at these and the Manfrotto equivalent. Haven't quite made up my mind yet, as the Manfrotto costs £187 at best price, up to £240 elsewhere. However, the manfrotto comes with the 127 fluid video head, which is compatible with the MVH502 head I use on my tripod, so I can change from monopod to tripod, without changing the fitting plate on the lens.

    I look forward to an in the field review before I part with my pennies.

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    Already used it Colin ,a superb bit of kit ,far far better quality than I expected everything works better than I thought it would certainly dispels the myth of Chinese clones this is a over enigeered bit of kit ,and if you look into your manfrotto spec you’ll probably find it’s made in China as well . Have a look at a few u tube vids to see what’s included as standard .the other plus point is you rarely see these advertised on the bay used ,speaks for itself

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    Default Re: The perfect monopod

    Thanks Jeff , my tripod is getting heavier and although I do have a decent monopod that I use as a walking stick/monopod that sounds like a good compromise.

    Dave , France 79

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    Default Re: The perfect monopod

    I have the same one, can confirm the quality, also have their carbon fibre travel monopod, very well made.

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    Default Re: The perfect monopod

    I recommend Feisol who make some of the worlds major manufactures items, I use it all the time with my 500MM. stunnning quality and a good price.

    They also have a EU shop

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    Default Re: The perfect monopod

    These https://www.novo-photo.com/novo-expl...stand-kit.html have some good feed back and the price is very reasonable, 5 yer warranty and British too !!!

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    Default Re: The perfect monopod

    Which goes to show we all have our own wants and needs ,I posted this quickly after receiving the siriu monopod ,,I must say that having now used it a few times it’s a definite keeper ,especially at this time of year for close ups and macro ,my new kit allows for a 10x magnification in manual mode so a nice steady platform is required , I rarely used a tripod in these situations as there cumbersome ,this really does the job for me and is either slung over my back till I see something or will have the camera ready mounted to it


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