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Thread: Challenge No 143 - Something out of place...

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    Default Re: Challenge No 143 - Something out of place...

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexR! View Post
    Really? Crikey, now that was certainly unexpected. But a lovely surprise, thanks Andy. But I'm with Mrs Andy, powernapper wuz robbed! I reckon there'll be calls for VAR... :
    It nearly was a VAR. thatís how close it was. I was torn between the two and short of tossing a coin, I had to make a final decision.

    Absolutely loving it here in Jamaica. Hotel is brilliant but a lack of decent internet (although can be a good thing). Waiters on pool, on beach. Butler for your room. 24/7 room service. Theyíll even do your ironing if you ask or run a bath for you when doing the turn down service lol. Nicest place Iíve stayed.

    Nice sunset last night so will be trying to capture that in the days to come whilst here.

    Again. Well done to all entries.

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    Default Re: Challenge No 143 - Something out of place...

    Congratulations Alex on a well deserved win.

    Right - sleeves well and truly rolled up now - what's next?

    Best. Steve.

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