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    ...since joining Alamy in 2016 with an upload of a handful of shots I got a sale last July.....I decided to upload lots more as it seems that those with 5000 shots are getting regular sales. So far I have 500 on sale and sold one picture in May and one in July.
    There are 80,000 shots uploaded every day.....but then its a world market.
    Some contributors have sold 100K in their Alamy careers.....this is potentially a mini pension fund.....me hopes
    Brian Vickers LRPS


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    Just an update.....by the end of 2018 I had 500 images on sale and sold 8 totalling $450
    In 2091 now with 1000 uploaded I have three sales so far totalling $150

    Guidance is one sale per year for every 100 images according to Alamy forum
    Brian Vickers LRPS



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