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Thread: Camera Bag Rucksack Advice

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    Default Camera Bag Rucksack Advice

    My old Lowpro rucksack is getting very tired and I am looking for a replacement. It has to be able to hold three DSLR bodies and a couple of lenses (24-105 & 180 macro) plus accessories. Has anybody got any advice please?

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    Default Re: Camera Bag Rucksack Advice

    The zip on my old Lowepro packed up last year and I invested in a Think Tank rucksack. I'm very pleased with it. It's as good if not better than my old Lowepro.



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    Default Re: Camera Bag Rucksack Advice

    Phil, I bought a Lowepro 450AW for my gear and I have no complaints about it. It is configurable inside to accommodate different equipment, I have one camera in the top zip section and have set it up so that the other camera is readily accessible from the side zip access point; the rest of the internal I have arranged for my lenses and flashgun.
    There are elasticated attachment points all over the back onto which accessories can be put; I have a cup and clip set on the side that takes either my mono pod or tripod easily, there are zip pockets for cards and batteries.
    Mind you, it is exceedingly heavy when it is fully loaded but that is an inevitable consequence of the gear that it is holding.

    I think that the selling point for me was the side entry point for quick access to a camera without having to put the backpack down and open it up. I have on odd occasions worn it all day and found it comfortable.

    Hope this helps



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