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Thread: DPP4 and EOS Utility

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    Default DPP4 and EOS Utility

    I have updated to the latest versions of both these apps on my MacBook Pro. Individually they seem to work fine but if I try and access Remote Sooting from the DPP4 Main Window I get a message saying that a compatible version of the EOS Utility is not installed. From EOS Utility directly, Remote Shooting does work.

    My versions are:


    EOSU: 2.14.31

    Mac OS: High Sierra 10.13.5

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    David Mackay

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    Default Re: DPP4 and EOS Utility

    Remote Shooting needs EOS Utility version3 ( current version 3.7.0)

    DPP 4 manual


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