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Thread: Canon full frame mirrorless camera

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    I dont really want to get involved to far as this is a eos forum , but those that know of my change over earlier this year and follow my posts will know that after a fairly long learning curve I'm firmly hooked on MFT both olympus and Panasonic and ALSO the way they SEEM to work far better with legacy lenses

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    It doesn't excite me as a camera (I suspect the A7sIII will be much more interesting) but there's a lot of really clever stuff buried in the R. For example it can apparently do DLO in real time, which is amazing and will make for much better JPEGs.

    Plus I'd like to see just how low the blackout time is.

    Oh and the 50/1.2 is just so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the black fox View Post
    I dont really want to get involved to far as this is a eos forum
    Probably should have stopped at that then.


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    Using an "old" Sony 6000 as a walking camera I was very unimpressed by the Canon effort. With a smaller body, the 6000, allows access to most controls used, something we are told there wasn't enough space with the Canon one. This is a first full frame effort, but not a first mirrorless camera one from Canon. I fear there older mirrerless haven't been very good, why I use a 6000 as a small camera and when my 7D2 or 5Ds need replacing might well lead to changing to Sony using lens adapters.

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    Now the EOS R is almost upon us, it will be interesting to see some real world reviews from ordinary users. I was interested to read David Noton's thoughts about it; even as a Canon ambassador he wasn't that thrilled but did acknowledge mirrorless is the future. Interestingly he was very impressed with the optical quality of the new RF 24-105 which he felt was way above the EF24-105L.

    I'm accepting that mirrorless will eventually replace dslrs but I'm not sure about the EOS R yet. As a first effort from Canon it's very promising but I don't think will tempt me from my 6D MKII - not an awful lot smaller, no built in GPS (important to me) and price too high.

    Interesting that as was pointed out earlier, small size doesn't seem to be uppermost in Canon's (and Nikon) designs for mirrorless FF bodies. I was tempted by the Fuji XT series especially the new XT-3 but just don't see the point of going back to APSC from FF. One of the reasons I'm getting rid of my 80D possibly for another 6dMKII (like to use two bodies) as I just hate the noise from the 80D.

    Now if the EOS R body was say 500 cheaper than it's release price of 2349 I might be much more interested...
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    try h.dew les 1800 I think

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