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Thread: 5D mk4 worth it...

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    My first shot with the 5D4 (Raw and JPEG).....I'm going to enjoy this camera!
    _V1_2453.jpg by brianvickers

    _V1_2453-2.jpg by brianvickers
    Canon EOS 5D MKIV, 17-40 f4L, 24-105 f4L, 24mm f1.4L II, 50mm f1.2L, 100mm f2.8L macro, 200mm f2.8L II
    Canon EOS 200D
    EF-S 10-18mm STM, EF-S 18-55mm STM, EF-S18-55mm IS II, EF-S 55-250mm IS STM, EF-S 24mm f2.8 STM, EF-S 35mm Macro STM, EF 50mm f1.8 STM, 85mm f1.8 USM


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    Default Re: 5D mk4 worth it...

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    Default Re: 5D mk4 worth it...

    I'm going to enjoy this camera
    Yes you are!

    And so is your model................................... that's some look from him!
    Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......


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    Enjoy the new toy Brian, you'll love it.........

    5Ds // 5D Mark III //
    7D Mark II // 16-35 f4L // 24-70 f2.8L II //
    24-105 f4L II // 70-200 f4 L // 70-200 f2.8 Lis II // 50 f1.2L // 85 f1.8 //100 f2.8Lis // 200 f2.8L // 300 f4Lis // 1.4ex // .......... and a longer wish list

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    I have had my 5D4 for two years now and it still amazes me. The dynamic range, ISO performance and the ease of use. I am sure you will ejoy the camera for many years.

    2 5D Mk IVs, EOS 3, Canon 20mm f2.8, Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art, Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art, Sigma 105mm f1.4 Art, Canon 85mm f1.4, Tamron 24-70 f2.8, Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and Sigma 150mm f2.8 macro.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ctrollen View Post
    How are they going to find out?

    Buy item, remove all packaging, send receipts & any other relevant items home in the post, carry camera back just like if you'd taken it away with you in the first place. Allegedly.
    In some countries (e.g. Greece of which customs experience I have) if you are to travel outside of the European Union you are obliged to declare such luxury items you are carrying (cameras are definitely included) and get proof of declaration with serial numbers of declared items. Items could also be entered in customs computers. On returning home the declared items are not taxed; all other items are subject to duties, VAT, etc. Of course 100% customs detection is never achieved but if you are "lucky" to be the random sample they check and you carry undeclared items you may be in trouble.


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