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Thread: Lighter weight combination.

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    If you do go for the Sigma 18-200mm option, make sure you get one of the newer ones. My wife has had one for some time but stopped using it when she compered the output to that from the 24mm and 40mm as it was awful.
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    When I can't be bothered to carry my full kit I 'make do' with my old 20D, 18-270 VC Tamron and 10-20mm Sigma. All fits into a small Lowepro bag and is far less weighty. Sometimes i even forego the 10-20mm as well.

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    Thanks for all the input everybody. I've bitten the bullet and gone for the 77d and Sigma 18-200 combo. The lens is the 'C' series so thanks for the heads up on that Andy M. Haven't yet had the chance to try it out but it really is much lighter and the handgrip is superb, at least for my size of hand. Fingers curl right round. What did make me chuckle was to download the full user guide and discover it's over 500 pages. That is just the English language version, not multiple languages. Canon want 20 quid for the hard copy and I've managed to find one for a fiver on fleabay.

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    The other option if your are finding your gear a bit heavy to carry around, is suggest to the wife that she carries it for you. I did mention the idea to mine, the reply was something on the lines of "if you think I'm following you around dragging half a camera shop with me, you know .........????????????????????????"

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    Nice idea Trev B. The snag is that my missus already has her own gear to carry If there was a decent market for film gear I could start my own shop too. 'Inherited' all my brother's kit when he died and much of that goes back to the 60's and 70's when we had real cameras where you had to focus and meter for yourself. Them woz the days.

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