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Thread: Firmware update 1.0.4 for EOS 6D mkii

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    Default Firmware update 1.0.4 for EOS 6D mkii

    Forgive me members for I have sinned. It has been several months/years since I came on the forum, so apologies now for posing a question about me, me, me and my problems.

    After receiving the latest magazine I dutifully updated the firmware on my 6D mkii. A week or so later I was out shooting autumn scenes when my camera began misbehaving. First, not recognising the memory card (can't remember the precise message wording) and then locking up entirely, including not switching off with the on/off switch. I finally had to take the battery out.
    I thought the firmware update was meant to resolve this (which has not happened to me before) not introduce it!

    Has anyone else experienced this problem with either this model or another, before or after a firmware update?

    Any suggested actions?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Firmware update 1.0.4 for EOS 6D mkii

    Not sure if it was my 6D MKII but I've had it happen in the past I'm sure more than once. I look upon it that cameras are like computers - now and then something happens and they 'throw a wobbler'. As with the well used Computer advice " have you tried switching if off & then on again", if that's cleared the glitch and it doesn't keep happening I'd not be too worried and forget about it I reckon the fact it happened after the firmware update was probably just coincidence...

    Les Cornwell Photography

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