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Thread: Its goodby ater 8 years

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    Default Its goodby ater 8 years

    The time for renewal came round and I looked at the last few issues. Most of the contents were press hand outs from canon and adds. One may be two articles of interest, so no I'm not renewing I get plenty of messages from Canon with out having to pay for them and there are plenty of magazines on photography I find I get more from.
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    Default Re: Its goodby ater 8 years

    That’s a shame John...the magazine is an invaluable reference for the technical aspects of using canon gear....such content is seldom covered in Canon media....and very valuable when you change model
    You don’t need to leave the forum which I’d also a great resource of course.
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    Default Re: Its goodby ater 8 years

    I second Brian's comments. I have kept my old copies and refer to them for both the reasons given above.

    I don't get to read other photography mags although when a forum member had an article in it a few months ago, I obtained a copy of Digital SLR photography. Interesting but not specific to Canon so pages and pages of stuff I skipped.

    Have to say I trawl the Internet and You Tube but there's something cosy about the EOS mag and I'm sticking with it !

    As Brian says, no need for you to go away !
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