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Thread: B&W Flag Football

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    Default B&W Flag Football

    A cold, windy with snow flurry day as we watched our Grandson play not one but two games today. Even with 3 layers of clothing it was still cold with the wind blowing.

    These three images were taken using the EOS-R and the new Tamron SP 70-210 lens:

    369a0951v1 by tesarver, on Flickr

    369a0947v1 by tesarver, on Flickr

    369a0941v1 by tesarver, on Flickr

    Comments welcomed


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    Default Re: B&W Flag Football

    Number three works best but with my critical hat on none seem quite as sharp as they ought to be. Not sure whether that's down to the shallow aperture - personally I'd've gone for at least f5.6 as lenses aren't always that sharp wide open - or the lens camera combo was just a bit slow on the follow focus...

    Grandson looks like he was having fun though.

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    Default Re: B&W Flag Football

    Agree with Nigel about not really in focus, though i don't think its the shallow aperture its more the focus points have missed its target as the grass behind the players looks more in focus.

    Lots of reasons that may have caused this to happen 'focus point not on subject - AI servo not set - back focus issues? a bit more trial and error with this lens and camera setup, as your 24-105 action shots look a lot better.

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