I work in IT as a software developer and sometimes it seems that things that could and should be simple are made far more complicated than they ought to be, usually in the name of "progress". And to keep the marketing department happy.

So let's get back to basics. Please submit a photo of something that suggests a simpler, easier way of life, whether it be an activity, an object or something more abstract. You can be reasonably free with the brief and be as creative as you like.

I will try to judge all entries on technical merit, composition, lighting, etc. but I am certainly no expert and a memorable image or one that makes me smile should do well!

I will do my best to comment & provide constructive criticism on all entries.

Please abide by the general rules:

• The competition subject shall be selected by the winner of the preceding competition who will also judge the competition.
• One picture per person; images should conform to general image posting rules.
• Please use an EOS Canon camera - DSLR, M or R series.
• Posted images should be taken during the running period of the competition. Any images submitted that were taken before the competition started, or after the competition has ended, will be deemed invalid.
• Images 800 pixels widest max (to help those with small monitors).
• No Photoshop frames and borders.
• Include a title; the image must convey the theme without title description.
• Please, NO comments on images- on this or another thread- until the round is over.
• No canvassing e.g. “I’m thinking of posting this image for the challenge, what do you think?”
• I will pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite images (please don’t PM me to discuss my choices)

The closing date for entries is Midnight GMT on Sunday 23rd December, which should be enough time to get the creative juices flowing and submit an entry.

On your marks, get set, shoot!