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    Default Comparison

    There's an interesting new video (I usually hate videos, prefer to read but ..) on FStoppers titled:
    "Surprising Comparison Results Between Canon R, Nikon Z7, and Sony a7R III"

    I would post a link here, but when I do that the site thinks its spam and blocks me, but Fstoppers is easy to find.

    It's good news for those here (the great majority, I suspect) who are only interested in the Canon R (or successors) as a stills camera and have no interest in video (especially 4k).

    After the regular negative reviews in regard to dynamic range and ISO performance of Canon, this is a definite breath of fresh air. I think the word "Surprising" in the title doesn't apply to those of us who have been using Canon for years, we know that we get good solid all round performance whatever the "fanboys" of other makes say.
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    Interesting! I have a 6DMKII & just got rid of my original 6d, an 80D & some older gear so looking for another FF body. Could get another 6DMKII, don't want a 5d MKIV as I prefer smaller size so everything pointing towards the EOS R. Just wondering whether to wait to see what other EOS R bodies are coming...

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    Default Re: Comparison

    You could post the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2Rpg6Xb-Ek

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    Default Re: Comparison

    Love my EOS R



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