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Thread: Canon to 'Pause' Development of EF lenses

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    Default Re: Canon to 'Pause' Development of EF lenses

    Hmm, in my experience the bit you hold your eye up to on a DSLR is called the viewfinder and the other bit you can look at the screen and if you google “dslr viewfinder vs screens” that’s a definition most seem to follow. So i suspect calling the screen a viewfinder on a DSLR will result in most people pointing looking confused and pointing at the viewfinder. And re-reading Alan’s post it’s pretty clear he means the same as if he wanted to work with your definition of an EVF he already has one in his 5Ds...

    In general the ergonomics of using a camera - of either mirrorless or DSLR type - are that using a viewfinder is more effective than trying to use a screen, particularly at arms length on a sunny day or handholding with a long lens. So mirrorless cameras of the more than beginner class will be unlikely to ever lose the EVF imho and in terms of screens being the “viewfinder” for the majority I suspect your sample is skewed. Canon has two cameras with an EVF the rest with screen only builds but Fuji has pretty much the reverse with all models except a small number having EVFs. A lot of the cheaper mirrorless cameras leave out the EVF for cost reasons, those for serious use include one for the ergonomics mentioned above.
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    Default Re: Canon to 'Pause' Development of EF lenses

    The new cameras have both a screen on the back and an EVF. Certain types of photography are impossible with a screen so a 'Viewfinder' is essential. The move to EVFs may well be inevitable but is bad news for me. I cannot undertake the type of photography that I enjoy without a viewfinder, but cannot use an EVF.

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