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Thread: How-to book for 5D Mk. 4?

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    Default How-to book for 5D Mk. 4?

    Does any one know if a book like this exists?

    - Shows what camera settings to use for a given type of photograph / scenario?

    - e.g. Birds in flight - select focus mode to "AI Servo", select a fast shutter to freeze movement etc.

    I'm not looking for a description of all the settings in the camera, I have a copy of the Canon manual, but more a book on when to use certain settings based on real-life scenarios.

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Default Re: How-to book for 5D Mk. 4?

    Hello Nicholas and welcome.

    I am sure a book exists, but .......... all the knowledge you need it right here. Just ask a question about what you want to do and there is more than enough expertise here to provide the answers.

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    Default Re: How-to book for 5D Mk. 4?

    Hello Nicholas

    David Busch's "Canon EOS 5d mk iv" is a big book but covers every button and how best to use it. Therefore it covers the AF options and when to use them and lots of other stuff including low light shooting . I have found it most useful but a bit wordy at times

    EOS magazine January/ March 2018 covered the use of AF in specific case settings eg football, BIF, motorsport

    Nina Bailey at EOS Magazine Shop has written 2 "crib" books for night and day. I suspect that they may be aimed at the beginner photographer but they wouldn't break the bank to try one

    Finally if you have the time you might consider the day course at EOS training academy "optimise your EOS 5d mk iv" This helped me to know my camera properly and hence make my own decisions. Mind you I'm still learning!

    And as Colin says- there's some really good advice on here. Just ask ....
    Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......


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    Default Re: How-to book for 5D Mk. 4?

    Thank you. Great advice.

    1) David Busch's work seems pretty good value - I think I'll go ahead and get that.

    2) Nina Bailey has written a LOT of books that sound relevant to my situation: -

    EOS 5D Mark IV Pocketbook
    Beginner's Guide to the EOS 5D Mark IV
    Understanding the EOS 5D Mark IV
    Mastering EOS 5D Mark IV
    How to Shoot almost anything with your Canon EOS
    Beginner's Guide to Bird Photography
    The Essential Guide to Photographing Birds In Flight
    How to shoot: Birds in flight Pocketbook
    How to shoot: Night Pocketbook
    How to shoot: Day Pocketbook

    There seems to be a lot of overlap. It's a bit confusing. Also some are for sale on the EOS Magazine shop, while eBooks are on the EOS Training Academy sub-site.

    3) A training day sounds really good, but I live in Texas :-) I do come home to England fairly often so will see if the dates ever work.

    4) Would the best place to ask questions about camera settings be EOS System - Digital cameras sub-forum?

    Thanks again,


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