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Thread: Time lapse intervalometer

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    Hi. Anyone know where I can obtain the above for my Canon EOS 4000D, only connections are the HDMI, USB mini b (I think that's what it's called) and the flash hot shoe? Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Dave

    I am not aware that Canon make one, so you are left with third party alternatives. If you do a Google search, Neewar do an Intervalometer on a Mini USB and considerably less expensive than Canon.

    Good luck with that.

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    Thanks Colin I'll have a look.

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    The 4000D has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity , but this time without NFC pairing, which the EOS 2000D additionally offers. The wi-fi system uses Canon’s Camera Connect mobile app to enable wireless image transfer and remote camera control. Connecting your smart device is painless, and once linked, the 4000D can be controlled remotely with very little signal lag. The app also lets you control shooting functions like ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation and the drive mode. When it comes to sharing your shots, the Wi-Fi link transfers a full resolution image almost instantly, although image previews do take a couple of seconds per shot to preview properly when scrolling through your memory card’s images.

    Will that allow it with a phone app?

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