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Thread: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 or Serif Affinity Photo?

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    Default Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 or Serif Affinity Photo?

    Quote Originally Posted by El Sid View Post
    Do you use RAW or just JPEG? If you use RAW format then Affinity does offer a more comprehensive RAW development package. I did run Elements on trial last year and was disappointed to discover how very basic the raw development option still is - not even as good as my ancient copy of CS3. Alternatively DPP that comes with the camera is a viable alternative with the added bonus that it applies all the camera settings automatically and can significantly reduce basic editing.

    For editing JPEGs and converted raw files there's probably a lot less between them but my impression of Affinity is that it's perhaps closer in options to full Photoshop than Elements is - though as said you will have to learn some new terms and slightly different ways of doing things.

    PS I had an e-mail from Affinity today - it seems they're having a sale and Photo is currently 38.99...
    Thank you Nigel; very helpful and I am certainly leaning towards Affinity Photo, especially as it is now considerably less expensive compared to the Elements upgrade.
    Very close to decision time as it is now affinity 4 - Elements 1.
    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 or Serif Affinity Photo?

    Just to throw the cat amongst the pidgeons so to speak.... there is On1 Photo Raw 2019 ... well worth looking at.
    So now you have three to choose from.

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