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    Hello all

    Not sure if this is the correct thread section but I wanted to ask about copywrite in the uk?
    Does anyone have any info on what to insert in the metadata?
    Or does the Copywrite symbol just mean you are willing to in force a prosecution?
    As you can tell, I have no idea about this stuff and any info on the web is sketchy at best.

    Any direction would be much appreciated.


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    There's a good guide here: https://uk.practicallaw.thomsonreute...mp=pluk&bhcp=1

    Specifically, as I understand it as a non-lawyer, copyright is automatic in England, you don't need to do anything - but it makes sense to have your name and contact details in the metadata (along with the copyright symbol) to make it easy for people to contact you, and reduce the excuse for pirate usage.

    I would just also point out that it's copyRIGHT - the right to copy - not copyWRITE.
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    Thanks for that !....I thought you might have to apply for some sort of licence ..


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