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Thread: iMac RAM Upgrade

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    Default iMac RAM Upgrade

    Last year I bought a new iMac custom build. I had a 27" retina 5k screen, 4.2Ghz i7 processor, 1Tb SSD and Radeon 580 8GB graphics. I baulked at paying for the RAM upgrade, which would have been around 600. Checking the specs, if I had gone for the standard 8GB, that would have been 4 sticks of 2GB, filling all four RAM slots, so I went for 16GB which was two sticks of 8GB, leaving two slots free.

    Today I received two sticks of 8GB from Crucial and went to their site and a few uTube videos to double check the installation. After backing up everything, I shut down the iMac and added the new RAM. It took less than a minute!

    Job done and fired it up with some trepidation, checked that all four sticks of RAM were recognised and started playing. This very quick system is now flying through anything I give it and all for 80. Money well spent and a considerable saving over the Apple equivalent.

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    Default Re: iMac RAM Upgrade

    Well thought out Colin, sounds like a win win situation for you.

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    Default Re: iMac RAM Upgrade

    I did a very similar upgrade to mine a while ago, bought the iMac with 8Mb (mine had two sticks of 4Mb each) and added another 32Mb. No problems at all, worked well.


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