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Thread: South Celestial Pole

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    Default South Celestial Pole

    A 20min exposure with an 8mm fisheye at F/5.6
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    Default Re: South Celestial Pole

    Quite amazing. I have always wanted to do that and I just happen to have a fisheye sat around doing nothing.

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    Default Re: South Celestial Pole

    As with Colin.
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    Default Re: South Celestial Pole

    Thanks again Tony (and Colin)
    I think these are easier to do in the Northern Hemisphere (in the beginning when you are learning) because you just have to point your camera at Polaris in the Big Dipper. It's a little more complicated in the SH because there is no star to point it at - it's some mental gymnastics to draw imaginary lines across the sky to a specific point. I have a photo of the Southern Cross with simple instructions overlaid if anyone is interested.
    Cheers & I'm looking forward to seeing your shots!!!

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    Default Re: South Celestial Pole

    Like this image



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