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Thread: Is this forum dying?

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    I’d like this forum to be my only forum but it is primarily a Canon Equipment forum and that may actually be its saving grace....that it is a uniquely valuable source of expert information....I don’t know of any other brands that can boast having such a well informed independent facility.
    I find from a photographic rather than gear viewpoint there are other more well furnished forums covering other genres that are not popular here. Although many threads do offer excellent advice about technique.
    This site might fall short photographically but it is head and shoulders above any other regarding Canon EOS equipment and how to use it.
    I’d welcome Robert’s view...as regards mission, purpose, scope etc is his domain.
    Brian Vickers LRPS


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    Default Re: Is this forum dying?

    Very good points have been raised but the thing we must all be thankful for is the quality of the postings (not just images) that this forum receives. Compared with some others I've seen we are a polite, sensible and helpful bunch of people and, for me, it's a joy to be part of the group and long may it keep going.

    We cannot judge people for their involvement or otherwise. The number of postings shouldn't matter. If it did I wouldn't be happy having been involved for 10 years and 'only' 300 odd postings - does that reflect my involvement? No.

    Alan & Tom have highlighted the fact that few members post the most images and that posters come & go. Both points are inevitable in any group.
    There is no doubt that our Wildlife photographers produce wonderful images but not everybody is interested in those subjects.
    80% of my output relates directly to voluntary work for an organisation involved in the promotion of Art and copyright issues can prevent me from posting a lot of those images but I will certainly look to post more images if I can.

    Finally, nobody should feel that their images are not good enough for display - we can all learn from others.
    Rant over!


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    As far as posting pictures goes I must admit that I have been a bit quiet on that front for some time now. Some of it's down to not using my Canons as much (I also use Other Brands...), a slump in processing (I seem to take shots and then struggle to find the enthusiasm to do much with them) and a touch of photographers block - a general lack of inspiration...

    It's not just this forum that's quieter than it was, the AP forum used to be a real hive of activity but that too seems to be mainly the province of a small hardcore of regulars and Newbies with their typical ranges of questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianvickers View Post
    I’d welcome Robert’s view...as regards mission, purpose, scope etc is his domain.
    Not really my domain - I just try to moderate. This mostly involves keeping the spammers at bay. I rarely need to intervene over a post by a member.

    The forum was set up to provide a place for photographers to discuss EOS photography by posting images or asking and answering questions about equipment and technique. Forum members determine, within reason, what appears in these threads.

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