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Thread: EOS Utility Software EOS 5DMk4

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    Default EOS Utility Software EOS 5DMk4

    Has anyone had problems with the EOS Utility program in Windows 10?

    I upgraded 6 months ago from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Professional and until recently have had no problems - download photos via the Canon USB cable from camera to computer. The EOS Utility only fired up when camera turned on and then started download process.

    About 3 weeks ago a windows update seems to have altered something and now the EOS Utility fires up regardless of the camera not being connected. Irritating but not important. However when I turn camera on it now opens up a poor Windows Picture program and takes substantially longer to download. Yesterday it decided to download everything I had already downloaded rather than just the 35 new photos.

    Have tried uploading the latest version from the Canon site but this has no effect.

    Any one got any ideas please. Not a computer wizard but a reasonable understanding.

    John Tilly

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    Default Re: EOS Utility Software EOS 5DMk4

    Iím no wizard on windows either but hereís a thought. Did you do a complete removal and reinstallation of the EOS utility? Sounds like some background settings have been corrupted and a complete reinstall may restore them. The fact that EOS now opens on start up and a picture program is opening instead is indicative of this to me. I donít think that just an upgrade would have the same effect.

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    Default Re: EOS Utility Software EOS 5DMk4


    I had something similar some time ago, following me messing about with startup programs trying to get windows to start quicker. Everytime I logged into Windows, EOS utility would open, even though no camera was connected. When I connected a camera I had to start EOS utility manually for it to find my camera

    After much messing about I just bit the bullet uninstalled all versions of EOS Utility and started again. This seemd to fix the problem, don't forget to re-boot after uninstalling the program before reloading.

    If it is the same issue this should solve it.

    Best of Luck


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