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Thread: Middle of winter here ...

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    Default Middle of winter here ...

    I haven't even seen the sky for almost 3 weeks so thought I'd finish my packet of steel wool ...
    I took into account from the last set that folks weren't sure about a solid ring of light so hopefully these are an improvement.
    No feet were injured in the making of these pictures!
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    Default Re: Middle of winter here ...

    What is it

    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got


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    Default Re: Middle of winter here ...

    Very good

    I've been meaning to give the technique a try for a while now as it looks the kind of fun thing my grandsons would enjoy so will do just as soon as it starts getting dark earlier here.

    Generally its preferred that images are linked to Flickr so that they can be enjoyed at larger sizes, without the loss of quality that inevitably comes from uploading and being able to inspect the EXIF data. What were your exposure settings?


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    Default Re: Middle of winter here ...

    It's called Steel Wool Photography ... Mr Google knows all

    It involves stuffing fine-grade steel wool into a kitchen whisk, attaching something to the whisk (I used a dog leash) setting the wool on fire & swinging it around like a madman!
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    Default Re: Middle of winter here ...

    Thanks ColytonJohn!
    It is fun, just remember to have them wear non-flammable clothing & to wear gumboots & something to stop your hair catching fire :)
    Every shot I have done like this the wool has finished burning within 12 seconds so that's what I use as a time value
    ISO 100

    I'll look forward to see what your grandsons produce!


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