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Thread: What for the short list?

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    Default What for the short list?

    Hi, later this year I should be getting my 25 year long service award from work. I can get high street vouchers for the likes of John Lewis/M&S/Amazon, they have just added WEX to the list. So I might be able to spend the vouchers on something for the camera, but I haven't got a short list sorted, and it is a day trip to the nearest WEX. Any ideas on what I should include on the list?

    I currently have a 6D, 35mm F2, 70-200 F4 and a 400mm F5.6, a Gitzo tripod from my film days, no working flash guns. I like architecture, landscapes and general photograph. I've started hill walking again, so don't want it to be too heavy. I will have up to 800 to spend, I have no idea what I should consider, wider angle lens, camera change?



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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    Hi Cris, very well done on your award. A 25 year service award is rare these days when either through desire or redundancy, most change jobs around 2 years.

    Looking at your list, you have a gap between 35mm and 70mm and there just happens to be an EF 24-70mm F4 L available at WEX for 789. Or, put a little towards it and the EF 24-105mm F4 L is available at 999.

    To stretch your budget further, there are used examples at WEX for around half the new price in condition 8 and 9 and a couple of "open Box" examples at a considerable saving.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    If you dont mind imported equipment....


    EF24-105F4L MkII for 699 new (import)

    EF8-15mm F4L 850

    or EOS RP for 899 with adaptor if you fancy mirrorless
    Brian Vickers LRPS


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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    As you say you like architecture, landscapes and general stuff I’m surprised the EF 24-105 L isn’t already glued on to the front of your camera as an everyday pick up and go. Would be my choice.
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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    It would be 24-105 L for me

    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got


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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    It’s nice to get something for loyal service. We get 1000 for 25 years service. I bought a very expensive pair of headphones. Now been there 30 years.

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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    Wow, some employers are way more generous than mine...shocked.gif

    I've still got my recent, belated, award to spend too....

    You may know me from Another Place....

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    Default Re: What for the short list?

    My 25 year award was 200 and I spent it on a Canon EOS body and lens... an EOS 650 and EF 35-105 but that was way back in 1988 soon after the autofocus 650, the first in the now very long EOS line, was released. For info the body was 250 and the lens 210 so I had to add to my award and, I suppose, I still am to this day



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