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Thread: Action with the R

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    Default Action with the R

    The autofocus is clearly not as good as the 5DIV but with further perseverance with settings and technique I'm getting a decent rate of keepers.
    I'm still not sure whether or not to continue with focus tracking or use a single point and keep that over the subject manually...so far I've tried to improve with focus tracking....although for some reason the focus rectangle randomly sees a patch of grass it would rather look at rather than the subject and spontaneously jumps to that.

    This is not a problem....rather a challenge to see how good the R is....I don't have a need for action tracking other than further accumulation of many images of a medium sized dog scampering around a field (he's also getting a bit old and not as willing as he was)

    I'd welcome any other's experiances.

    These are cropped using the RF24-105 and would probably have been better using the EF200mm.

    _OSR0892 by brianvickers, on Flickr

    _OSR0899 by brianvickers, on Flickr

    _OSR0901 by brianvickers, on Flickr

    _OSR0930 by brianvickers, on Flickr
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    Default Re: Action with the R

    Great looking photos

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    Default Re: Action with the R

    Excellent work with the R Brian


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    Default Re: Action with the R

    Good pics Brian.

    My action pics so far have been limited to birds in the garden and the kite surfers. For the shots of the starlings I took on the bird feeder I used focus tracking with the max frame rate so it focused on the first shot only, this worked well as the action was taking place in one spot. For the kite surfers pics I posted I used small spot focus on to the sail I wanted and tracked it along.

    I did recently try tracking a boat coming at a reasonable rate towards me using my 100-400 and spot focus and the setup was having a little difficulty, it acquired focus then hunted and repeated this a couple of times.

    Iíll be at the Goodwood Revival meeting this coming weekend so will have plenty of opportunity to practice then. Iíll post anything decent I get.

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    Default Re: Action with the R

    Lovely set Brian, that last one is superb.

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    Default Re: Action with the R

    Thanks Tom and Bill.

    Thanks Ian...it will be interesting to see what technique/s you find most successful. I only ever used spot focus on the 5DIV for this sort of action and tracked manually so I expect that will be the best option with the R.
    Brian Vickers LRPS



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